Pioneering and Innovating, Striving Ahead | IERS Ningbo International Stationery Exhibition has come to a successful conclusion, and new products are even more amazing!
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Pioneering and Innovating, Striving Ahead | IERS Ningbo International Stationery Exhibition has come to a successful conclusion, and new products are even more amazing!

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Spring breeze brings warm.

Everything grows means the beginning of a new year

27th-29th March

A three-day program

2024 Ningbo International Stationery Exhibition

A successful conclusion


The successful conclusion of the exhibition was carefully prepared by IERS, adhering to the brand concept of "technological innovation and quality first". The on-site exhibition featured brand colors of red and white as the main colors of the booth, conveying new brand concepts and product characteristics. Every gorgeous appearance is just to fulfill your expectations. Learning is the most beautiful encounter, and exhibitions are the greatest achievement.

Visitors and dealers from all over the world can experience the charm of IERS products and brand firsthand. Now let Xiao Ai take you straight to this grand event! Fashion and individuality blend together to create an immersive experience and visual experience for those present, allowing for an immersive exhibition.


Exciting Review

Exhibition site

The products exhibited by the IERS brand this time cover areas such as hand drawn art design, art painting, student and office writing. Our main products include professional markers, soft headed markers, needle tipped pens, graffiti creative acrylic pens, pastels, metal pens, and hand drawn notebooks. This exhibition showcases multiple new products, and the unique children's marker pen is even more amazing!


IERS’s VIP Booth in the showroom was full of best-selling products, and many kinds of marker products has successfully attracted a large number of customers to stop and watch, interact, and consult.



New and old customers gathered at the exhibition for business negotiations, and the IERS team warmly welcomed every customer who came to negotiate. Their enthusiastic reception not only showcased IERS' professional qualities, but also won the trust and praise of customers. On site trial writing and painting, the products exhibited at the exhibition received unanimous praise from customers, and a satisfactory business order plan was formulated for both parties.


IERS is committed to providing high-end quality products, always starting from the actual needs of professional use. Each series of products can meet the various needs of different age groups, professions, painting media materials, and expression objects. They can all find practical tools to solve painting needs at IERS.

Through this exhibition, you can directly experience the brushstroke techniques and expression needs of the picture. It will bring more innovative and high-quality hand-painted painting materials to art enthusiasts and professionals in art and design, making your painting experience more enjoyable! Perfect solution to the practical needs of professional expression!


Product preview, amazing launch

IERS new products were even more stunning on site, with unique design charm and creative inspiration, attracting countless industry professionals from around the world. The exhibition hall was filled with a lively atmosphere.


The new product children's markers are divided into two types, one is water-based markers and the other is acrylic markers, which meet the needs of children for different painting media materials, making them more creative and not limited to children's imaginative creative thinking, allowing them to freely create graffiti.


And the unique pen shape design, following the ergonomic design of children, fully conforms to the pen holding posture of children aged 3-7, suitable for beginners to grasp pens, cultivate good pen holding habits, and master pen control skills.

The colors developed by IERS are bright and vibrant, full and rich in color, with delicate brushstrokes. The ink is independently developed, with even coloring and smooth and rich water output. Small ideas are presented in a colorful way.

Enhanced version of peace of mind water-based ink, breaking the curse of red ink in the market that usually cannot be washed clean. It can be easily rinsed with water, allowing children to create without fear of dirt and unleashing their painting nature.

IERS is dedicated to developing children's markers, which include several washable fluorescent colors that have not been seen on the market before, allowing children to creatively embellish more colors, and even beginners can create their own proud works.


The scene has attracted high attention from Ningbo Television Station, and interviews have been conducted on IERS's new products.


More surprising new product features will be unveiled on the day of the launch of IERS new products! Remember to follow Xiao Ai and not miss any important products.


The 2024 Ningbo International Stationery Exhibition has concluded perfectly

Dedicated to professional market demand

Promoting the Development of Handdrawn World

The end of the exhibition is just the beginning of our cooperation

Welcome customers and friends to inquire by phone

IERS develops new products and application solutions

Technological innovation, continuous innovation

Next Station

See you at the 135th Canton Fair!




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