114th China Stationary trade Show
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114th China Stationary trade Show

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September 15-17, 2020, the IERS marker made his debut at the 114th Shanghai Stationary Exhibition.

Within a few months, through the joint efforts of designing, R&D, sales and other colleagues from various departments, after round of modification, sampling, modifications and updates, IERS markers finally came to the market!

Due to the unique design and fashionable style, our marker products have captured the favor of many buyers, dealers and other new and old customers in the exhibition, and the booth has been in full capacity everyday.

After the exhibition, we carefully summarized the opinions and Suggestions put forward by customers on the exhibition, and carried on further research and development and refining on some pain points of use and strive to provide consumers with incomparable products.

Innovation, we have been on the road!




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